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Saying About Unstoppable…

"David has done a great job identifying key health research from the past few decades and putting it into an easy-to-understand framework for getting the most out of your life. Do exactly as he says and you will indeed optimize your life."

Mark Sisson. Founder of Primal Kitchen & New York Times Bestselling Author

“Unstoppable provides a fundamental framework for scaling personal health and happiness, backed by actual research.”

Dan Martell. Entrepreneur

“I don’t know anyone that has spent more time, money, and effort on health optimization than David. In Unstoppable, he gives that knowledge back to the world.”

Noah Kagan. Facebook, Mint & Sumo.com, OkDork

“David gives you the power to radically transform your health with a simple and approachable framework for thinking about diet, exercise and life.”

Robb Wolf. Wired to Eat, New York Times Bestselling Author

“At HubSpot, testing, optimization, and iteration helped us grow consistently and sustainably. In this book, David shows how a similar framework can be applied to the goal of continually improving health and wellness. David's advice is reasonable, straightforward, and most importantly—backed by data.”

Dharmesh Shah. Founder of HubSpot

“Before you start on the path to a healthier you, save yourself a ton of time and energy and read Unstoppable first. David provides a clear and concise path to getting in the best shape of your life in an efficient way, becoming more productive, and leading the fully optimized life you desire.”

Ben Greenfield. Biohacking Expert

“David has always been ahead of the curve. He was one of the first entrepreneurs to advocate for the power building a beloved online brand, and now he’s advocating for a new approach to health and wellness. In my experience, it’s good to pay attention to what David says.”

Andrew Warner. Mixergy

“Stay away from this book if you enjoy being fat, dense, and boring.”

Allan Branch. Entrepreneur

“David is an entrepreneur who has built several businesses with a keen, analytical eye and a penchant for testing and optimization. Now, with Unstoppable, he uses that same lens to help you develop a blueprint for healthier living.”

Nick Gray. Founder of Museum Hack

“Nothing gets improved without feedback and deliberate change. David teaches us how to create an Optimization Mindset that leads to personal growth. Read the book and learn to Unstoppable yourself.”

Hiten Shah. Co-founder of FYI & Crazy Egg

“David has taken the same techniques that have served him well in the business world—testing and experimentation—and applied them to the world of health. Unstoppable provides a clear blueprint for anyone interested in finding the path to wellness.”

Mark Moses. Founder & CEO of CEO Coaching International

“This isn’t a business book. But it is one that leverages David’s data-driven (and wildly successful) approach to business to help you build your best life possible. This is the must-read of your year.”

Cameron Herold. Founder & COO of Alliance; Author of 'Double Double and Meetings Suck

“David Hauser has written a must-read for anyone looking to live a fulfilled, healthy, and balanced life…every chapter has valuable strategies and insights into not only what it means to optimize your life, body, and mind but also how to achieve this in easy-to-implement concepts and ideas. Each chapter flows and guides you with important information that really gets you to understand that optimizing your mindset, your thoughts, and your habits are the first steps in living a life of abundance. Read this book to Unstoppable your life in so many ways.”

Adam Toren. TorenBrothers.com

“David puts the human back into human optimization, not just with this book, but by example in how he lives his life. I was pleasantly surprised to see a book that could be easily classified as just a diet book include subjects like personal relationships and raising a family. Unstoppable challenges every hot topic in the wellness industry and then some, cutting through the noise straight to the truth while providing you tools to help you understand and achieve your personal blueprint for a healthy mind and body in a way that is sustainable long term.”

Mary Shenouda. The Paleo Chef

“Despite the benefits of living in one of the world’s great free-market economies, America’s approach to healthcare has failed us. If you believe that the responsibility for your health rests not with doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, or government agencies, but with yourself, then David’s book will serve as a guiding light. As with all things David does, he’s taken an analytical, objective, and holistic approach to figuring out what works and what doesn’t. This book is meant to share the information gained from a researcher who was the subject of his own experiments, with no other motivation than to help himself, his family, and his friends.”

James L. Marciano. CEO of Tuck Advisors

“Whether it’s building businesses or getting in shape, David’s no-bullshit approach wins my respect. Read Unstoppable and he’ll earn yours, too.”

Jonathan Siegel. Entrepreneur & Author

“You can’t be a part of something great—a team, a company—unless you’re in great shape yourself. David’s book gives you step-by-step advice for getting your mind and body in the right condition to live a life of intention.”

Robert Glazer. Author & Entrepreneur

About The Author

David Hauser is an entrepreneur, speaker and angel investor. He is best known for co-founding Grasshopper, a virtual phone service for entrepreneurs, acquired by the Citrix Systems in 2015. He also founded Chargify which was acquired by Battery Ventures. He is quite active on Quora with 2 million answer views and is a founding member of the National Entrepreneurs Day.


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